Virtual Reality specializes in hospital virtual tour, creating online experiences for patients, family members and employees. Often the best way to communicate the benefits of your hospital is through a walking tour, and yet it can be difficult to have in-person tours for a number of reasons.

Patients may not be ambulatory or in a condition for a walking tour, portions of your hospital may be off-limits during certain hours, and public health concerns may limit access to many areas of your facilities.

Our USP's

A hospital virtual tour avoids such concerns, putting your facilities in the hands of visitors through an online, self-paced, intuitive interface.

  • The ability to view the inside of the human body in Virtual Reality is not only useful for doctors, but also for patients.
  • From developing new life-saving techniques to training the doctors of the future, VR has a multitude of applications for health and healthcare, from the clinical to the consumer.
  • Virtual Reality is being used to train & support healthcare professionals, change lives and heal patients.
Our Portfolio

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